I’m Caroline, an American living in Istanbul.  I’m a writer, teacher, lifelong book lover, and avid traveler– I’ve traveled on four continents on my own, although these days I usually drag my husband along on my adventures.  I fell in love with traveling when I studied abroad in Italy in 2005 and it inspired me to take trips, both in the US and abroad, whenever I could throughout my twenties.  I moved to Turkey in 2014 and have enjoyed discovering both its tourists attractions and its more hidden nooks and crannies, and I still pack my bags and go whenever possible.

My life is full of takeoffs and landings, or, in my case, meanderings.

I had another blog for five years, where I wrote solely about books, writing, and teaching.  I began to feel that I’d outgrown it and wanted to write more broadly about things that interested me, so I decided to start a new one.  So here it is, Caroline’s Blog 2.0.  Thanks for reading.